Royalton Antigua Review

In the Royalton Antigua Hotel and Spa, you get to experience what this unique Caribbean destination has to offer along with unbeatable luxury. Enjoy escape to indulgent style at the Royalton Antigua Hotel and Spa. Featuring exquisite architecture, mouthwatering food and exclusive service, this unique Caribbean destination will help you reconnect with the very essence of what matters most: soul, mind and body. This idyllic Royalton retreat has been granted three star status by the British Royal Institute of Hospitality Accommodation, which has awarded it an A grade for its design, facilities and cuisine. Royalton is also recognized as a global leader in hospitality by the Travel and Leisure Council.

The Royalton Antigua Hotel and Spa offer elegantly appointed rooms, tastefully decorated suites and award-winning service. Every guest in this luxurious resort is treated with courtesy and care, starting with their first words of greeting: “Welcome” and ending with a grand banquet when they sign their guestbook. The atmosphere is jovial and the staff are friendly and helpful. It is impossible for anyone staying in a Royalton Antigua Suite to be bored. The rooms have all the amenities that will make staying in a royal hotel worthwhile, including:

All-in Medical Insurance: The Royalton Antigua Resort and Spa understand that medical emergencies can happen unexpectedly anytime. For this reason, each of our guests is provided with a fully equipped emergency room that is staffed by fully trained and licensed emergency medical personnel. You will also receive regular medical checkups that are covered by your cruise travel health insurance. Your medical insurance provider will provide the details of what services you will receive under their plan.

All-inclusive resort package: The Royalton Antigua has an all-inclusive resort package. With this package, you will receive several benefits that include: prime ocean access, boat slips on Antigua’s private beach, dining at selected restaurants, leisurely walks along the beach, and shuttle service to and from your hotel. In addition, you will also receive savings on airport transportation, valet parking, childcare, laundry service, room service, daily continental breakfast, and shipboard excursions. This benefit makes staying at the Royalton Antigua a luxurious and convenient experience that everyone will enjoy.

Royalton Antigua Review: The Royalton Antigua Resort and Spa are located on a beautiful Caribbean coast about 15 miles from Port Antonio. This is a serene and relaxing location that caters to both families and couples. The resort itself consists of nine villas with many having spectacular views of the coast. Each villa has its own swimming pool and spacious living areas. All of the villas are fully furnished with modern appliances and contain private balconies.

Royalton Antigua Review: If you want to escape to a tropical paradise but don’t want to leave your hotel, you should consider staying at the Royalton Antigua Resort and Spa in Covid-19. This charming resort offers guests many relaxing amenities including free internet, free parking, laundry facilities, room service, and meals on-site throughout the day and night. On-site guest services include cooks and housekeeping, as well as transportation to and from the beach. You can also take advantage of complimentary activities such as tennis and golf.

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